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The west coast of Scotland and Glasgow's forests are some of the most beautiful in the country. You can climb to the top of Kilpatrick Braes for views over the River Clyde, walk the beach at Boden Boo or check out the old woodland at Garscadden Wood.

Cochno Hill

The climb to this grassy peak above Greenside Reservoir is tough but a lot of fun and will give you that remote feeling, as well as spectacular views over Glasgow or even down to the Pentland Hills, Ben Lomond and the Trossachs on a clear day. There are about 1 mile long tracks leading up here where they have different types of trail such as forest road, stone paths and rough grassy paths which make navigation easy for anyone who wants explore what's around them!

Kilpatrick Braes

Head to the hills above Old Kilpatrick and hike up to the peaceful Loch Humphrey. The historic forest tracks that criss-cross this area are great for walking or mountain biking, so explore what lies ahead while being sure not miss out on any of it's beauty! You will be able enjoy stunning views from along your journey including those over Glasgow and central Scotland.

Boden Boo Woods

Right on the edge of the River Clyde, beneath the impressive Erskine Bridge, Boden Boo looks across to the craggy ridge of the Kilpatrick Braes. Stroll amongst the trees or bring a picnic, sit back and enjoy the views from the grassy slopes or riverside beach. There’s a network of about 2 miles of informal trails, all ideal for easy walking. The paths are wide and smooth, but be prepared for a few short moderate slopes.

Cleddans Burn

The Cleddans Burn winds its way through this lovely patch of open grassland and young woodland. Follow the wide, surfaced path and discover spectacular views across the city and up to the rocky ridge of the Kilpatrick Hills. This wood is home to a surprising array of wildlife. Listen out for water voles as they splash into the burn and watch for butterflies and other insects dancing amongst the colourful wildflowers in the summer.

Garscadden Woods

In this tranquil woodland you will find many different types of trees, look for native Scottish species like red-berried rowan and hawthorn. It’s a wonderful wood to visit for a picnic or stroll any time of the year. Enjoy dramatic views over the city and glimpses of wildlife amongst the trees and in the meadows.

Standing among the old oaks of this ancient woodland, you’ll have to remind yourself that you’re still in Glasgow. There are still signs of medieval woodland management here. This is a colourful place, locals call it Bluebell Wood as it’s thick with the flowers in early summer. Look out for the clump of old trees on the hilltop known as the Witches Circle. It marks the Castle Hill fort, which guarded the frontier of the Roman Empire 1,800 years ago.

The two woods at Garscadden are a Local Nature Reserve; one of Scotland’s special places to enjoy and learn more about local wildlife. Garscadden Wood is important because it’s one of the oldest semi-natural woods in Glasgow, and one of only two woods in the city where you can find the purple hairstreak butterfly.

Overtoun House

If you're looking for a place to explore, then Overtoun House is an ideal starting point. It's not only beautiful but also full of history and mystery! You can also marvel at the deep Overtoun Glen from the old bridge, wander through a new native woodland or head higher up towards soaring Lang Craigs for stunning views along the Clyde and out to the open sea.

Lennox Forest

The forest here is criss-crossed with wide, winding roads that make it easy to find a circuit just the right length for your walk or ride. You can start out from Lennoxtown or follow bridleways which will take you into nearby Torrance as well if desired; there's glimpses of long views down towards Glasgow making this trail a popular one with locals all year round.

Campsie Glen

From the pretty village of Clachan, with its historic church and winding grassy slopes into a glen full of surprises. Wander along the path beside the Kirk Burn, or stop for snacks or take in some sunlight at one these scenic picnic spots beneath trees that provide shade on hot days!

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