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Escape from it all in the Kilpatrick Hills, for great hill walking, bike-riding or peaceful loch's edge picnics. Spectacular views over West Dunbartonshire, Glasgow and the River Clyde. Keep climbing and you'll be rewarded with panoramic views over Loch Lomond and the Trossachs.

The wildlife so close to the city might surprise you too – watch out for red deer, otters and ospreys. The winding track to Loch Humphrey is ideal for walking or mountain biking. Watch out for waterfalls, waterbirds and wonderful views.

The Kilpatrick Hills are located behind the village of Old Kilpatrick. They form part of a ring of hill ranges, including the Campsie Fells and Kilsyth Hills, that lie between the city and the Highlands. There is an extensive core path network in the hills to use for walking and mountain biking.

Hiking routes include Loch Humphrey, Duncolm and the Slacks, or you might want to spend a full day in the hills to take time for detours to viewpoints and leisurely picnics.

​Despite their relatively low altitude and proximity to Clydebank and Glasgow, a walk over the Kilpatricks can be a memorable experience, especially if thick fog is forecast on an otherwise fine day. During such conditions a temperature inversion may occur which often leaves the upper slopes basking in sunshine above any mist or cloud blanketing the Clyde Estuary.

The southern aspect of the Kilpatricks, known as the Kilpatrick Braes, is wooded and overlooks the River Clyde above Old Kilpatrick in a broken line of cliffs and crags, however, an extensive area of open moorland, lochs and forestry plantations stretches to the north and east.

​To the east, beyond the Blane Valley, are the the Campsie Fells, which include the volcanic plug of Dumgoyne. To the north, Loch Lomond and its surrounding peaks are revealed. Although Duncolm is the highest summit in the Kilpatricks, Fynloch Hill, which lies just a kilometre away to the southwest, is a finer viewpoint. It overlooks lonely Fyn Loch, which is often home to a pair of Great Crested Grebes during the breeding season.

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